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Superiore is a strong company, with its roots in the countryside. It has a history made of ideas, and today, like 60 years ago, it draws its lifeblood from the beauty of its places of art. Its technological passion is driven by the talent of master engineers and the artistic care of the hands of experts.

Exceptional cooking appliances with different styles, united by a firm identity of strength and elegance.

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NEXT Panorama & Classic Series

36" Dual Fuel Next Panorama Range

36" Dual Fuel Next

Classic Range

Next Series

Modern Hoods

Dishwasher with 

Stainless Steel Panel

Stainless Steel


Superiore's NEXT Series boasts luxurious function and design combined into a high-tech style that will match your modern home. This series offers ranges, hoods, refrigeration and dishwashers.